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Archoil loves your car more than you do. 


When your engine burns fuel diesel or petrol it produces carbon particles that build up inside your engine forming deposits, these deposits rob your engine of performance, the car doesn't run as smoothly and reduce your fuel economy. 

If you want your pride and joy to run at its best you want to use the best Archoil. 

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On the Archoil website, use the discount code carclub15%. 

For Jaguars over 10 years old, one of the options we currently have in Spain to acquire parts, is to find them on the Jaguar Heritage Parts website, or ask one of their technical team, who have over 35yrs of experience. Build your basket of parts and then select delivery to your local Jaguar retailer. We will send your order and your details to the Retailer and ask them to contact you when the parts are in. This avoids costly shipping and duty bills. To visit the site, click on the Jaguar Logo.


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ICS Steering Specialist  - for Cars, Classic Cars, Land Rover's, 4x4's and Light Commercial Vehicles. Based in Birmingham, ICS has been manufacturing and remanufacturing steering boxes, pumps and steering racks for over 25 years. Classic Cars, in particular Jaguar are a real niche and passion for ICS - we now make new worm and nut gear for a variety of classic cars with the mission of 'keeping your cherished classic car on the road for longer' 


Expertise - We have a long history of engineering excellence and are very proud of our 20-strong engineering workforce, which includes ex-Burman engineers. The depth of our knowledge, experience and engineering capabilities means that we are fast becoming the preferred supplier to many Specialist Garages, Restorers and Enthusiasts


Exchange, Buy or Repair - We often supply steering boxes or racks on an exchange or even outright basis. For the more sought after, hard to obtain steering, we can simply repair and remanufacture your own unit. We'll even arrange the collection and re-delivery. Lead times vary - typically 7-10 days

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SNG Barratt specialises in Jaguar parts and accessories for all models dating from 1949 through to current. From its family roots, the company has grown over the last 30 years so that, in addition to its UK headquarters, SNG Barratt now has branches in Holland, France and the USA. The company was started by Stephen and Hazel Barratt in the 1970s; Stephen put an advert in the paper selling some parts for an E-Type he had used as a donor car to mend his own. Such was the demand for these parts that a gap in the market became apparent and they started to set about filling it, both through acquiring old stock to sell on and then, bit by bit, to remanufacture items for the E-Type that were no longer available at the time. This expanded to more models, now including Jaguars currently in production.


Now with Hazel & Stephen’s son Julian at the helm, SNG Barratt retains those important family values and high quality of service to this day. Its UK Jaguar accreditation, wide network of suppliers, and in-house production teams allows unrivalled access to hundreds of thousands of parts, including many leading brands such as MAHLE pistons, Dayton wire wheels, Bell Exhausts to name a few.

Thousands of parts are produced in SNG Barratt’s fabrication and electrical workshops; blending specialist skills and experience to manufacture many products that are not available anywhere else. This is vitally important to keep many classic Jaguars on the road.


Customers can benefit from a comprehensive parts search and 24 hour ordering on our website, as well as a dedicated team of specialists on the phone across our four branches.  

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Classic & Modern Jaguar Parts Specialist

                                                      SNG Barratt UK: +44(0)1746 765432 /  

SNG Barratt USA: 1 800 452 4787 /  SNG Barratt FR: +33 3 85 40 90 42 /

SNG Barratt NL +31 13 521 1552 /      SNG Barratt DE  018 01 833 833 /

We are introducing Archoil an extensive new range of high performance full strength car lubricant enhancers, engine flushes and petrol/diesel fuel system cleaners and enhancers that stabilise fuel. 

AR6200 added to your fuel petrol or diesel lubricates cleans and improves fuel economy up to 8% and has been tested. It also stabilises fuel so it does not deteriorate with storage. 

AR9100 added to your engine oil reduces friction and wear and tear extending engine life and improving your fuel economy and smoothness of engine operation. 

This is just a small example of what's available from Archoil. 


All Archoil products with technical information are listed on our web site contact us for information on or tel:0034619522117


Archoil’s patented products are based on Potassium Nanoborate lubrication technology which dramatically reduces operating friction.


Pictures below showing car injectors and how AR6200 restores injector spray pattern to as new.


With AR6200.                                                                      Without AR6200

Second Hand Parts & Spares


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